Me in Victor Steinbrueck Park in Seattle, WA

Me in Victor Steinbrueck Park in Seattle, WA

Adventure, Exploration, and a story, these are the things that interest me, and I want to write about all of it right here on my blog Backpacks + Controllers.

What's going on everybody? My name is Ryan. Writer, Traveler and Gamer who loves a good story. Backpacks + Controllers is all about stories and experiences. Tales as told by others like in Video Games, Movies, TV, and Comics but also stories about my adventures and others.

My story started in New York. I grew up around video game consoles like the Sega Genesis (my first console) and the Super Nintendo. That is where my love for video games, movies, and comics started. At the age of 10, I moved to Miami, and that's when I realized that even cities within the United States could be different.

I am now 27 years old and, have visited more than 16 cities in the USA and over ten cities internationally. I think it is safe to say I "caught the travel bug."

It is all just the beginning for me though, and I want you to join in my adventure! 
Backpacks + Controllers is where you can find my tips and tricks on the cities I have visited and events I have experienced.  There are exciting stories to be told everywhere, and I want to talk with you about them all!

Thanks in advance for reading!

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