What is Backpacks + Controllers

Welcome to Backpacks + Controllers’ first blog post!!


I just wanted to talk about Backpack + Controllers and what I want it to be.


This blog is mainly about my travels and experiences and how I relate it to pop culture; whether it is through video games, movies or television.


I have now seen 15 different cities on this planet, all of which have shed a little more light on the world and the human experience.


Connecting to different cultures and different people have shown me that humans are not necessarily different but just take their experiences from different perspectives.


As I see more of the world I want to show you, my audience, what it’s like to see the world from another perspective using media that most of you already have access to.


Travelling helped me to understand exploration, nostalgia, motivation, and escapism a little more.


All of these examples will be my first topics of discussion.


Backpacks + Controllers is about a connection with you and lessons we can learn. This blog is not about me just giving speeches, but its about communication and discussions so that we may learn and understand each other a little better.

Me and My Cameras

Me and My Cameras


Thanks for embarking on this journey with me and I’ll see you again soon!