Let's go for a Walk

When was the last time you went for a walk outside?

DSC_0034 Edit.jpg

I actually just got back from a walk here in my neighborhood in West Seattle.

The funny thing is that I didn't even have the idea to do this today. I was trying to do something online in my Airbnb and the internet is not that great so I told Deanna (my girlfriend) to drop me off at a coffee shop on her way to work.

Puget Ridge Neighborhood Sign

Puget Ridge Neighborhood Sign

The internet was better there and I got some of my things done but it was nice to get outside.

After my coffee, I decided to just start walking back to my place.

I took a couple of pictures on the way home. It feels good to be out in the open air. Actually it has been proven by many that being outside feels "good."

Skate shop graffiti

Skate shop graffiti

Here is a study published in 2014 that shows positive changes in people's cardiovascular health and anxiety just after a stroll through the forest.

It seems as though just going outside recalibrates your senses.

Ever wonder why all of the annoying couples on HGTV want houses with natural light?

Natural light helps increase productivity and supports relaxation.
All of those business skyscrapers have been built with natural light in mind since the 1950s and those plans were based on ancient Roman laws.

Even the chickens in my front yard have to get out of the coop!

Chickens in my neighborhood

Chickens in my neighborhood

Now reduced stress and productivity is great and all but let's get to the real reason I enjoyed my walk today. I was able to see my neighborhood in a different light. I was able to see parks and shops that yelp didn't even know about.

The Locker Room Tavern

The Locker Room Tavern

As a matter of fact, I walked into a bar that had a beer for $1.50 during their happy hour. I left there hours ago and I still don't see anyone else mentioning that bar online.

This Dive bar named the Locker Room on 16th ave and Roxbury St is at first intimidating, but the people inside were welcoming and laid back. Everyone in the Locker Room was just there for a cheap drink and a neighborly conversation.

This weekend I think I am going to take a walking tour of downtown Seattle. It'll be great to get outside (even when it is so cold) and see new things. Walking tours are already popular in travel but now I think I know why.

Endgame Content

Wrapping up my last few days here in Spokane, Washington; I decided to reflect on my time here.

You see my girlfriend Deanna and I have been living here for about 3 months. In that time I think I have grown as an adult. An adult that eats junk food and play video games still, but I have learned to take care of responsibilities first.

One of the many reasons that I left Miami in the first place was not
just to be freezing my ass off in the northern states but because I knew that I needed a culture shock.

My natural habits are to be lazy, unmotivated, and passive. I want to change all that.

I told myself a year ago that if I didn’t cannonball into the pool that is this world, I would never be able to swim in the deep end of it.

Arcstrider in Leviathan Raid.jpg

I like to look at it as the endgame content of games like Destiny 2. The Leviathan raid is easily the best content in the game but if you as a player don’t know how to shoot, throw grenades and stay alive you can’t complete the endgame content.

The endgame content is what we all want. We all want to know that we will have another meal and a roof over our head. We have to pass those tutorial stages to learn this game of life. Luckily we can have teachers that give us “tips and tricks” to get a leg up in this game.

My mother has given me the knowledge on how to cook, clean, and pay bills. So now at the age of 27, I really start the endgame content of life. This is where the challenges are real but the rewards at the end are truly worth it.

I think we all want success, and to prosper, but I understand now that I’m going to have to grind life’s endgame content to achieve that.

Next week I’ll be visiting Miami, FL. I’m excited to see my family and friends that are still there but I also look forward to the next place I’ll be living and learning.