Oktoberfest 2018: Blog 2

Hello fellow travelers!

Its been about a day and a half since we have arrived in Amsterdam and we have already had delicious foods with our smokey weeds. It’s 10 am, and a few of us are just waking up like newborn babies after a long day of walking through the city. We went through the Heineken brewery tour and ate next to a massive statue of the artist, Rembrandt.

This morning we woke up to glass bottles shattering outside our window. Luckily, I was tired enough to go right back to sleep. Today we want to go to Ann Frank’s House and do a free city walking tour. I can’t wait to learn a little more about this city and its shady people. We have already been offered drugs by a guy and his backpack.

Eating has been great! Dutch Pancakes are these large and thin disks of sweet or savory toppings. We had hot dogs with pizza toppings baked on top and crispy fries in a large cone paper holder. Of course, the Heineken beer has always been cold, and it tastes even better after a 30 min tour and learning how the golden elixir was conceived. Freddy Heineken, the grandson of Gerard Heineken, the founder of the brewery, was said to be very eccentric. After finding out he could not get a room in a hotel, he purchased the De L'Europe Amsterdam and put his name on the hotel in blue lights instead of the Heineken green.

This city’s history has been fascinating so far, but we are ready to learn some more. While my group of friends and I wake up this morning, enjoy some of these photos of our trip so far. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again soon!