Indie Games at the Seattle iFest

Hello, Backpacks + Controllers' readers! Today I went to Seattle’s iFest which is the cities indie game convention. The event was held inside the Armory in the City Center.

They had a bunch of games available to play in the Armory. Here are some of those awesome games that I was able to experience:

Celeste is a platforming game that uses jumping, climbing, and dashing to create challenging courses. Character controls are responsive and fast-paced. I died plenty of times but never felt like it was the games fault. I just had to "git gud."

Paper Space Plane Title Page

Paper Space Plane is an arcade-style flight sim. Imagine you are working in an office in space. Your mission is to fly a paper airplane across the office and out the window while dodging pencil obstacles and grabbing stars for points.

Temple Raid VR is a virtual reality puzzle game. Travel through the temple finding gems and a treasure at the end. This game had me climbing up walls and hanging from archways. As one of my first VR experiences, it was indeed eye-opening to the possibilities of virtual reality.

The indie game scene is one of my personal favorites because they remind us that innovation comes from the little guy. I find myself playing indie titles more often than the AAA video games because there smaller titles are done by smaller teams. Fewer resources usually mean more thinking outside the box. 

Games like Celeste create a challenge with the climbing mechanic. Other platforming games that I have played have offered climbing as a power-up, not a challenging aspect of the game. Finding these great games remind me those game creators are also artists. And, art, is always a beautiful thing.