About Someone Special.

Hello, my fellow geeky travelers!

This week I wanted to share something about someone who is important in my life.

In the Beginning

Deanna and Senzu at Hole in the Wall Beach

This is Deanna and Senzu but Senzu's not important in today's post.

Deanna is the most caring person I have ever met. She will and has done everything for those that she loves. And that includes the friends of the people that she loves.

Deanna and I met in 2013 while we were both working at a job we did not enjoy. The day that I caught her checking me out was the exact day that I asked her on a date.

At this time we were both living in Miami Florida, and neither of us liked clubbing, so I took her to a bar. A few beers and jelly beans later, we were kissing next to her Prius.

Dee (nickname) and I learned a lot more about each other after that first date, realizing more and more how much we both wanted to travel. We both have this adventurous spirit, but we were not able to act on those feelings while we were still working this stagnant job. I even had this dream of driving on the highway with her and all I could see out the windows were trees. This dream was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had. It didn't make much sense to me at the time.

While we were working at this job Dee and I decided to save our money and go on vacations every chance that we had. It all started with a cruise with Dee's roommates. We had so much fun eating, drinking, and exploring. Just being in a new location excited us. Later on, we went on a road trip from Florida to Minnesota to go to a wedding. After the road trip, I told Dee about the dream I had. It didn't even phase her.

I told Dee all about this dream of driving and the trees outside of the windows. I wanted her to understand how important travel is to me and I wanted her to be a part of it.


Bigger Travel

“I have an idea,” Deanna starts. “Why don't we plan a trip to Paris and make stops in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and London? My roommates are already planning on going to London.”

“I love you. Let's book these plane tickets,” was basically how I replied. It has been three years.

Off we went on to this incredible trip. Still, one of my favorite vacations I have ever taken. The whole trip I wore a Coca-Cola hat and called it my #cokehatadventure.

Dee and I (with my coca-cola hat) in front of Notre-Dame de Paris


Til This Day.

Deanna is the sole person who is continually helping me accomplish my dreams. That is not something that I can forget. I will forever thank her for that. I love you, Deanna. Thank you for making my dreams a reality.

Thank you for reading my short story. Dreams don't have to be things that we do in the future. Your goals are an essential part of who you are. Sometimes we may need others to remind us that, and that is what Deanna did for me. I hope you all remember that you are someone special to someone else today.

HEY LISTEN!! Just for fun. I used to make house remixes for fun and for people that were special to me. This is the first one I made for Deanna. Making mixtapes for girlfriend is still cool right?