I had to see Avengers Infinity War a Second Time.

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to see Avengers Infinity War for the second time. I had to see this movie a second time to solidify my feelings and thoughts on the events that take place in the film. The Story is fast-paced and condensed to make sure that the massive story that is unfolding can unfold correctly.


Overall Story Arc:

I'm just going to come out and say it... Avengers Infinity War is not a movie about the Avengers. It's a story all about Thanos, the mad Titan. Thanos is a guy that sees beauty in death. He wants to rid the universe of overpopulation. Something that happened to his home, Titan.

Titan, as we see in the film, is a wasteland. This place is battle-scarred and deserted. Thanos claims that it was because his people did not believe in his vision. Randomly selecting people for execution proved to be too much for Titan's governing people. Thanos claims that he turned his back on his purpose and his people died because of it. He is the last of his kind. That holds weight on the character we see on screen.

Character Motives:

Thanos' plans have been in motion for 6 years. The Battle of New York is where we first had hints of Thanos' plans, and Tony Stark has been working to fight back ever since. Tony still believes he has that responsibility to bare even when Pepper Potts worries for him.

About every hero in this ensemble movie has stakes in this huge event. If they are not holding an Infinity Stone themselves, they all know someone who is. Spider-Man even states "I can't be a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man if there is no neighborhood."

I think all the characters meet each other organically. Also, shout out to the Russo Brothers for the iconic Thanos warning shot from the Infinity Gauntlet comic, albeit, the change of the character that is actively warning Dr. Strange. Several comic moments made me crack a smile during my initial screening. I'll share those images in this post so you can see the references.

Silver Surfer Crashing into the Sanctum Sanctorum to warn Dr. Strange about Thanos

Avengers: Infinity War has some great action sequences. Moments that stood out to me are when Black Widow and Okoye are fighting Proxima Midnight together. I believe BW and Okoye would be friends given the opportunity, so it is fun to see them working together. Winter Soldier and Rocket Raccoon are next on my list for one of the most exciting fighting moments. They both hold similar talents and a love for mechanical arms.

And I need to mention how cool Captain America looks like with a beard! I mean, I don't know what else to say other than I liked the look.

Cap still has the goods. Every scene with Steve Rogers feels raw and emotional. This old-school hero has strength, but he can't hold a candle to Thanos' power stone.

Starlord, Starlord, Starlord. Dammit, dude. I know why he did what he did, but I'm still sad about it. The love we see between Starlord and Gamora is felt throughout their scenes together. He made her a promise and intended to keep that promise.

Speaking of killing promises, Scarlet Witch has not had a comfortable life. Her brother was murdered in Sokovia, and she has to kill the man (or android) she has been with for two years.

I honestly wish that we could have learned more about the characters of the Black Order AKA the Children of Thanos. Unfortunately, I understand that having a backstory for all 5 members would have extended the movie by hours.

Screenplay writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely take a minute to remind us that the Sokovia Accords is still an active thing. It's sad to see that General Ross still wants to arrest our heroes. I'll be interested in seeing if that plot point holds after the next Avengers movie.

After Infinity War:

Infinity Gauntlet Snap

Of course, we were going to have a second movie. Halfway to Titan, I was thinking, "There is no way we are going to resolve this conflict." Thanos has won, and the universe's numbers have gone down dramatically. I'm guessing the next movie will be titled, Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet. (Literally, as I was finishing this post. Kevin Feige has stated that this will not be the name of the next movie.)

Heroes Disappearing

I still have some question regarding some of the events. The stones are never seen after Thanos snaps his fingers. They show that the gauntlet has been damaged and then Thanos uses the space stone to teleport away from Thor. His final gaze at the sunrise shows no gauntlet and no stones, just Thanos' contentment.

Thanos Sitting at the Steps of his Farm

Where are the stones? Does he still hold all of them? Is the Gauntlet destroyed? Will the dwarfs have to make a new one? Does he still have the gauntlet?

End Credit Scene:

I am really interested in what we will see next. Fury's Beeper shows the logo of one of our next Marvel movies. Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel is a cool character, and I can't wait to see how Brie Larson portrays her. How powerful is this version of the hero? What will be her role in the next movie