The Perfect Time to Explore

Deanna and I at a shrine Kyoto, Japan in Sept 2016

Deanna and I at a shrine Kyoto, Japan in Sept 2016

Out of all the video game genres, I would have to say that adventure games are some of my personal favorites. Games like the Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild and Uncharted always have me hooked. These games speak and fuel my desire to travel and explore the world around me.

I'm not the only one that finds that joy in exploration in games. It is common for us to enjoy exploring new worlds and learning new things. Exploration is, in fact, a defining human characteristic according to Stewart Weaver in his book Exploration: A Very Short Introduction.

 The following is from Exploration: A Very Short Introduction:

Exploration: A Very Short Introduction

“For all the different forms it takes in different historical periods, for all the worthy and unworthy motives that lie behind it, exploration—travel for the sake of discovery and adventure—is it seems a human compulsion, a human obsession even; it is a defining element of a distinctly human identity, and it will never rest at any frontier, whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial.”


The desire to travel and experience is not new, and it is a part of all of us in some way or another. Some of us may have the desire to travel the Oregon Trail like Lewis and Clark, while others, will want to develop a new way to go to space like Elon Musk. Both ideas stem from the human desire to explore the unknown.

Personally, I have been traveling seriously for a couple of years, but I am also exploring other careers. Writing is still new to me and, to be honest, freelance work scares me sometimes. I find that the fear is the reminder of the unknown. It reminds me that I am exploring an unknown in my own life.

When was the last time you explored something? Did it scare you? I think now is the time you find something new to explore. Try a new game or plan a weekend trip. How about eating at that restaurant you are always driving by? Just remember, fear is just a reminder that you are alive.