5 Things I Learned from Getting a Puppy on Craigslist

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It has been, one week and a day since I got my puppy, Senzu.

I picked up Senzu from some dude I found on craigslist. You might be thinking, "What? Really?" and my answer to you is yes. Yes, I did. Senzu is the youngest dog I have ever had and the first dog that I have ever trained.

Senzu is a puppy with only four months under his collar. I had a dog as a child, but I've never had a puppy. So here's are some of the things I have learned so far.

1. He Chews on Everything

Senzu biting his own collar

Senzu biting his own collar

Puppies have a lot of energy, and when they have all that energy, they want to play. Humans play with toys and touch things with their hands, but dogs play with toys and their mouths. Senzu picks up things with his mouth so he can sniff it and feel the object. He learns with his mouth. Senzu is not old enough yet, but at 7 or 8 months his adult teeth will start to come in. Teething will take place, and he will be chewing on all of the things.

Senzu has recently shown me that he likes specific toys. He won't think twice about the Nylabone chewing toys that we bought, but anything with stuffing and a squeaker is his new favorite thing. That is until he breaks through the fabric and I have to throw the toy away.

2. Training is a Learning Experience for Both of Us

Have you ever been to one of those bars that allow dogs? It is so amazing to go out to have a beer and bring your best friend. Bringing a friend to the bar is 100 times easier than having to find a best friend there. The hard part is, training a well-behaved dog that can go to that bar.

Training a dog is hard, but I'm not going to talk about that. I have no idea how to train my dog. That's what was interesting to me. I am learning how to teach Senzu. I can tell him, no, but he doesn't understand what that means. Senzu wants to do the right by me, but it is up to me to show him how to do the right thing. How else is he supposed to know that pooping on the kitchen floor is not ok with me?

3. I Can't Read Senzu's Mind

Believe it or not, I can't read minds. Humans can communicate, which means I don't have to read their mind. If a human is not feeling well, they can tell me, and I'll get them some soup and a hug. Deanna is a nurse; she could help you more.

Sick Senzu

Sick Senzu

My dog works a little differently. He just throws up on the floor and then looks at me all confused. It feels horrible to see Senzu not feeling well. When Senzu doesn't feel well, he has a change of habits. I had only just learned about these habits a week ago. Craigslist guy didn't give me any list of Senzu's habits. We met in a Safeway parking lot, and he said: "Here, have fun!"

4. Dog Vaccines must be given at a specific temperature.

The vaccine bottles we were given

The vaccine bottles we were given

Seriously, did you know that? That's not common knowledge. The guy that gave me Senzu told Deanna and I that he had his shots. He even gave us the bottles that he used on the pup as proof.

Later that week when we had our vet visit, they asked us, "What did he give him?" and "Was it at the right temperature?"

I had no real answer other than to show them the bag of shots. Senzu has been pretty healthy, so I am sure he had those shots done correctly. We had the vaccines done again just to be sure though. Just let you vet give the shots.

Pro Tip: Just let your puppy’s vet give them their vaccines.
— Ryan

5. He is Adorable

Chewing on his own paw

Chewing on his own paw

Here is a little secret: Senzu is adorable. Have you looked at any of the pictures I put on this post? That is why I wrote this article. I won't lie to you about that.

Senzu is half Corgi (don't know which kind of Corgi just yet) and Pomeranian so he has double the cute. His fur is soft, and he has a derpy face. How can you stay mad at him?

Senzu is a bright dog. He has already learned that the bathroom is outside. He still chews on random things, but Senzu is young, how else is he supposed to know how my sock feels. Deanna and I are happy to have a dog like Senzu, as a matter of fact, we have a few activities planned for him. I'll find an excuse to write more about him when those trips happen.