Missing The Grind

Today I hopped online to play the original Destiny, and I found one of the things I miss most in Destiny 2. I miss the grind.

Destiny Do It Emote Reward

Video game grind is a term that is both unappealing and comforting to the gaming community. Grinding in a video game can be many different things. Grinding can refer to getting experience points, gathering currency, or even materials. Grinding is how you further progress in many different genres of games.

Destiny - Killing a Captain with the Bladedance Super

Destiny - A Captain I have Sniped Hundreds of times in the "Winter's Run" Strike

I played over 1600 hours of the game Destiny. One of my favorite things in that game was strikes. Strikes in Destiny, are missions you went on with two other players to fight through a level and defeat a boss at the end. The original Destiny had about 20 strikes, some were remixed versions of one another, but that is not why I liked them so much. Destiny Strikes had specific loot tied to them. They also gave you glimmer (Destiny's money) and other loot that you could dismantle to provide you with different necessary materials. Strike grinding created a simple loop of gameplay that was rewarding and fun.

Destiny 2 - Shadowshot Super

Game grinding prolongs the shelf life of the game by giving you a reason to come back and play content. More recently Destiny 2 has forgone most of the grinding that the original had in spades.

Games like Monster Hunter: World has put its grinding quality right in your face. Slay a monster, get monster parts, and make armor from that monster's parts. It is simple and to the point. I enjoy fighting monsters in the minute to minute gameplay, but that isn't the only reason I continue to play the game. I want the armor and the weapons. Monster Hunter: World becomes fashion hunter. I want my avatar to look badass, and I'm willing to put in hundreds of hours to do it.

I have recently become infatuated with a mobile game. I always have at least one game on my iPhone, but this one has caught me by surprise. Marvel Future Fight is a mobile dungeon crawler game. Think Diablo with Marvel superheroes and villains.

Marvel Future Fight - Team Selection page

Marvel Future Fight - Spider-Man Gameplay

Marvel Future Fight is not the most graphically beautiful game. They haven't made the perfect app. Future Fight is a free-to-play game with a pay to win dynamic. An aspect of mobile games that I don't always enjoy.  The game might not appeal to everyone, but the gameplay, on the other hand, is fun. Battling random henchmen with Spider-Man's webbing is pretty cool.

What has sucked me into Future Fight is merely leveling up my characters. Fighting bosses to gain Norn Stones to rank up the stars on my heroes is fun to do. I want a powerful team, so I have to play some story levels again. I want to upgrade my character's skills. That requires gold and more play time. The active loop is what draws me in. Well, that and you play as Marvel's characters. I might be fanboying a little here.

The video game grind is essential to me because it is a reason to play more. Sometimes playing for the sake of playing will make a game lose its luster. I want to work towards something in the games I play. The sense of progress gives the feeling of accomplishment. The time I have put into the game should not feel wasted.

As humans, We have minds that need to be working. No matter how big or small the task is. Our brains were made to think. When we aren't using that knowledge, we begin to turn in on ourselves. We have accomplished many things because our minds can't sit still. Mastering a video game may not be high on our list of accomplishments, but it is a vital outlet of brain power.

Monster Hunter World - Quest Complete

So any game that offers a grinding aspect has my interest peaked. Sadly, Destiny 2 has forgone most of that grind that we enjoyed in the original game. That's why I haven't picked up Destiny 2 in quite some time. Hopefully, Bungie can make some positive changes, but in the meantime, I'll see you on Monster Hunter: World.