Waiting for Avengers: Infinity War

I have decided to skip watching the Avengers: Infinity War trailers. Not just the trailers but the promotional photos and really everything related to the movie before its release.

This is not something I usually do for comic book movies, as they are some of my favorite movies coming out of Hollywood lately. I want to walk into the theater to watch Avengers: Infinity War and know that nothing has been spoiled for me.

I am not entirely ignorant of what is going on; I know that the main villain is going to be Thanos. I have read the Infinity War comics, and I know about the Black Order, but I haven't seen any of them on the big screen. It is like keeping the entire movie a surprise for myself.

I like the Marvel Cinematic Universe although it has had a few missteps. I'm looking at you Iron Man 3, but the movies are always entertaining. Marvel movies have always been about putting a childhood fantasy on the big screen. I think that Disney and Marvel Studios have continued to do an excellent job with that.

So it may seem weird or "hipster" for me to wait to see the final cut of Infinity War, but to me, It's like waiting for Christmas to find out what presents I am going to get. Waiting is just going to make me enjoy the movie.

I still reserve the right to complain when they mess something up, but I am not going to do that for trailers and promo art. Kevin Feige and the Russo Brothers have earned some respect when it comes to making these movies, and I want to give them their due credit.

I am looking forward to seeing Avengers: Infinity War on the most massive screen I can find. I might try to watch all the movies before I go to watch it and write about them. Give me your thoughts in the comment section below.

I had Deanna choose the photo for this blog post. ;)