Senzu's Ruff Day

Sick Senzu

Sick Senzu

It is now 9 PM, and I can officially say that "Today has been a long day."


9 AM is when Deanna gets up I think. She was already up taking care of Senzu. I didn't wake up till about 10 AM.

I woke up to Deanna telling me that Senzu is "Acting Weird."

The question marks above my head as I wiped the eye boogers from my face. "What's he doing?" I asked her confused.

"He is just really low on energy. He's not his hyper morning self."

Walking downstairs from my bed, he didn't even leave his room AKA crate to say his usual good morning. It was immediately apparent something is going on with him.

"Senzu. Come here. Good morning!"

Senzu's head slowly moves up, and his tail barely wags. He's not feeling well, but I have no idea why. This starts to bother me. It's hard to watch your dog or anyone you care about in pain.

He finally gets enough energy to walk out of his crate to lick my hand. Every step he took was not too different from a drowsy zombie. Deanna and I really begin to worry.

What is Senzu feeling? Why is he so slow? Is it a stomach ache? Did he eat some grass? Did he eat garbage? Maybe I fed him too much. Should we call someone?

I tried to feed him. Maybe he's hungry or his sugar is low for some reason. He didn't even want to look at food. Deanna knew this was serious.

Senzu is the youngest dog I have ever known at three months. "Maybe we should wait an hour and see if he's hungry then?"

So we picked him up and walked him outside. He wasn't so much a zombie as he was in the house but more like the old man that just sits on the porch.

"What do you we do?" I asked Deanna.

"I don't know," Deanna replies.

After some time of talking about our options, Deanna calls the vet we had just seen a few days ago. "We have an appointment for 3 o'clock.

Nothing to do now but wait and let the worry begin.

Late Afternoon:

We arrive at the vet at 2:45 PM. I'm stressed, but I'm trying to keep myself together. I don't want Senzu and Deanna worrying about me too.

We walk into the office to sign up to be seen, and before you know it, we were talking to someone about what is going on.

Senzu spat up some food yesterday, but I did not give it a second thought until now. I told the veterinarian what was going on.

Senzu threw up two times yesterday but today nothing at all. He did both businesses outside early today, but he is not all there. He's drowsy and lazy and not acting close to 100%. He just wants to lay in his room and do nothing. He's not even interested in food.

The vet feels around his stomach saying that she might feel a little something in his abdomen. Dee and I come from medical, so we are already worried about obstructions.

"I think we should do some x-rays to check what is going on in there. We should click on stat so that we can get the results today. It's going to be a $50 upcharge to do that."

Dee and I are thinking, "Who the fuck cares, let's help this dude!"

They tell us they are going to keep him for an hour or two to get the tests going. Dee and I are in desperate need of a drink to relax a little.

Two hours and Two drinks later, Deanna gets a phone call.

I didn't hear the phone call, but I think the person said something like this...

"Hi, We did the x-rays and clicked stat but there was a mix-up, and we won't get the results until tomorrow. Since we close at seven you are going to have to pick him up at 6:45 PM. We will give him fluids and some instructions for how you are to take care of him tonight."

Dee and I were like "Whaaaaaaaaaaa?"

This made everything worse. Our poor little Senzu was obviously sick as a dog, and we don't have an idea of what is happening.


6:45 PM. We return to the vet and just plopped onto the waiting room benches.

"You are here for Senzu, correct?"


"Okay, I'll set him up to go right now."

Dee and the receptionist began to discuss why we are paying for a stat procedure and not getting our results. That was not going to fly, especially if we still have no idea what we should be doing with him tonight.

The next second, one of the workers walk to the front with Senzu, and his wagging tail, in her hands. She hands him to me saying "Here you go. We gave him to nausea meds and force fed him some food. You're going to have to do the same later."

"How do I do that?" I asked.

"Just put the food in his cheek and don't let him spit it out."

Easier said than done.

We asked to see the Vet for a few more questions because we still had no idea what to do.

Should we be worried about him not eating? Should we give him water at least? What is our next move if he's still not doing ok?

She told us to try and force feed him very little so that his stomach can relax a little. If Senzu throws up at all tonight, we should take him to the emergency room.


9:45 PM. I'm sitting here a few feet away from his crate just after we force fed him. He's sleeping, but I'm worried. Who wouldn't be? I won't know the results of the x-ray til the morning, and I probably won't sleep tonight.

The stress is still here, but I have high hopes. A family is something worth fighting for, and after a week, Senzu is already family.

10:03 PM. Deanna had a missed call and voicemail from 7:45 PM. She's the worst. The vet called and said that she received the test results saying that Senzu has no obstruction. Just gas. Hooray! Senzu really is part of the family!